Typesetting is often overlooked when you are in need of printing. Before any printing can be done a digital master copy has to be made.

The bad news here is that faxed picture or even that image that you downloaded from the internet is in nine out of ten times useless. Printing is done at a lot higher resolution than what you view on your screen. Photo’s and images from the internet is usually raster images, they can only be enlarged a bit and then they start to pixellate. Before you are scared of printing forever the short version is you need professional help phone us so that we can assist you.

Things you can do to help. Find the biggest possible version of your logo or any other pictures you need on your printing. If your company uses a specific font or colour find out the name of the font and if possible provide a sample.

The last and most important point. Before we will print anything we will send it too you in adobe pdf format to proof read and approve. That is what we will print so if your telephone number or your name is misspelled you will be liable for the account.